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The making of a rifle

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I never thought that the barrel would have been folded from a flat lump. For obvious reasons I thought that a drilled rod would have been used. A real eye opener into skills that are now all but forgotten.

I think this was the way military muskets such as the Brown Bess were made, folded over a mandril and forge welded.



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Having eventually found the time - I watched it.


It is now clear what the difference between a Registered Firearm Dealer and a Gunsmith is.

Fortunately I have one of the countries finest gunsmiths just up the road.


Superb piece of film.

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:lol: A man after my own heart (just come round here and check the door hinges.... sad doesn't even come close to it!)

I'm same , old sparks who showed me use to make me put all screws on skt and switches the same way I make the young lads do it now lol

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