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So I have had it in the back of my mind for a while that it would be nice to get into reloading, but have really been looking for somone who is giving up of the like so I can get a full set up for a reasonable price. So I thaught I would ask PW for advice :)


So I have seen this for sale and have no idea if this will be ok, ie. if it will be up to date, data avalable ect. and also if it is a good price?! (I have abosulutly no idea, but looks like it could get me started)


So the ad is as follows:

"Redding loader old model but ok ,20kgs shot mainly 6,s 2,000 primers,qty 1oz plswads tin nobel 82 2x1/2 tins 82 1/2 tin vectan qty capped cases all 12 bore also approx 125 no 4 shot express steel selling for old mate who has stopped £200 ono"


I have sent them a message asking for photos and will post as and when they arrive.


So guys is this a good idea, and if so would i need anything else to get me started?

(I have a sack full of my once fired carts)


Many Thanks,


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If it's a Redding No.16 press, check which model.


The one with the square shot/powder bar takes common bushings.

The one with the round shot/charge bar = good luck finding bushings.


Not too bad for a set-up: but £120-£150 is closer to the mark.

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I have spoken to him, there are no photos as he is elling it for an elderley friend. He has given me the frends number so shall give him a call.


Now for a total nubie question... if you dont ask you wont know: What is a bushing?


I have googled ect. and looked at pictures but cant quite work out what they are for?

Re sizing the cartridge maby?


Thanks, J

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The bushings are round doo-dads that fit the charge bar.

They'll be two outside diameters. One will be for powder the other for shot.

To vary the powder weight/shot charge each bushing has a different internal diameter.


Google them on MidwayUS or Ballistic Products

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Ok so it is The one with the round shot/charge bar, will this limite me to one specific load? as there is only one set with it

Yip...you'll have to work out what the current bushings dispense using scales.

You CAN charge the cases off-press (weigh the powder & get an old volume measure for the shot)


I've got both models of this press & haven't found any round bushing


See what load the old chap selli it has had it set up for...and continue to use it for that load

Less flexible but it'll get you into loading until the SG82 runs out....


Great little presses the #16

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