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pigeon feeding later in day

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The pigeon have recently started hitting the rape but I have noticed on a frosty morning they have a change in their feeding pattern. Today I decided I would sit in a small spinney and see what would come into it as there had been a few showing there a week earlier. I shot for the first 3 hours in the spinney and shot 21 as it warmed up the pigeon started to hit the fields of rape have others noticed this pattern of pigeon waiting to feed when it warms up.

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Not yet fenny.


I stood talking with our Gamekeeper early yesterday morning, waiting for the Guns and Beaters to show up.


We watched a group of pigeons maybe 150 strong dropping in amongst old maze cover crops and they were followed in by corvids.


Hopefully we can address the problem when the season ends.

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I set up one morning last winter after a hard frost. Pigeons arrived in a steady stream and went straight into a neighboring wood. They stayed there for at least 2 hours sat in the top of the oaks until the sun came up and melted the frost then they started streaming into the field. Completely ignored my decoys and landed across the field from me. I put a shot up, thye flew round and some came into the pattern. Shot one, the rest b******d off and didn't see much traffic again.


So yes...I think if frosty and it won't last they will sit it out.

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