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Cartridge Velocity Test 06/02/2016

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Cartridge Velocity Test


Light Game Cartridges

1430fps Cheddite Free Shots 30g

1398fps NSI OK 30g

1378fps Rio Game 30g

1300fps Gamebore Velocity 29g

1299fps Gamebore Black Gold 30g

1289fps Hull Special Pigeon 29g

1287fps RC Gameline 30g

1285fps Mirage T2 Game 28g

1248fps Proper Ultimate Game 29g

1224fps Mirage Lite Game 30.5g

1219fps RC SIPE 30g

1212fps Rottweil Geco Jagd 30g

1197fps Gamebore Pure Gold 28g

1184fps Hull High Pheasant 30g


Medium Game Cartridges 32g

1433fps Trust Super Star

1409fps Rio Royal

1404fps Fiocchi Golden Pheasant

1361fps Victory Starlight

1345fps Cheddite CH6

1344fps Fiocchi PL32HV

1336fps RC SIPE

1330fps Gamebore Black Gold

1328fps Proper SIPE

1309fps FOB

1306fps Rottweil Tiger

1304fps Mirage Xpert Game

1297fps Proper Hi-Speed

1288fps Gamebore Pure Gold

1287fps Lyalvale Supreme Game

1284fps Eley VIP

1284fps Fiocchi Pigeon

1277fps Hull High Pheasant Extreme

1277fps Baikal Record

1244fps Gamebore Clear Pigeon

1240fps Fiocchi PL32

1237fps Gamebore Super Game

1235fps Mirage High Speed

1229fps Hull Special Pigeon

1225fps Hull High Pheasant

1222fps Winchester Super Speed


33-34g Game Cartridges

1302fps RC Disperante 33g

1301fps Mirage T3 Disperante 34g

1291fps Gamebore Pigeon Extreme 34g

1271fps Cheddite Free Shots 33g

1242fps Mirage Standard Game 34g


35-36g Game Cartridges

1387fps Mirage HV 36g

1349fps Rottweil Waidmannshiel 36g

1346fps Victory White Rabbit 35g

1345fps RC JK6 T3 35g

1343fps Rottweil Special 36g

1327fps RC JK6 T5 36g

1321fps RC4 36g

1309fps Cheddite Percorso 36g

1287fps Rottweil Super Game 36g

1278fps Saga High Speed 36g

1275fps Fiocchi PL36

1258fps Winchester Super Speed 36g

1235fps Gamebore Buffalo 36g

1221fps Eley Alphamax+ 36g

1167fps Hull Ultramax 36g


38g Game Cartridges

1293fps Fiocchi JK6 38g

1264fps RC Millennium 38g


Semi Magnum 2.75" Cartridges

1406fps Mirage Royal Winter 40g

1353fps Cheddite T5 42g

1351fps RC 40

1349fps Rio Mini Magnum 40g

1336fps RC Camo 42g

1299fps Victory Mini Magnum 40g

1288fps Fiocchi Semi Magnum 42g

1248fps Mirage Semi Magnum 42g

1207fps Lyalvale Super Game 42g

1180fps Eley Alphamax+ 42g

1171fps Gamebore Buffalo 42g

1146fps Hull Ultramax 42g


Magnum 3" Cartridges

1322fps Cheddite Magnum 50g

1309fps Winchester Super X 1 7/8oz

1288fps RC 50

1252fps Mirage Magnum 50g

1238fps Hull Solway 50g

1226fps Fiocchi 50g

1226fps Eley Alphamax+ 46g

1221fps Hull Extreme Hunting 50g

1220fps Winchester Super Speed 50g

1184fps Gamebore Mammoth 50g

1181fps Lyalvale Max Game 50g

1141fps FOB Gold 53g


Super Magnum 3.5"

1321fps Gamebore Mammoth 62g

1245fps Mirage Super Magnum 66g

1195fps Fiocchi Ultra Magnum 63g


Non Toxic Game 2.75"

1440fps Fiocchi Steel 32g

1423fps Winchester Blindside 1 1/4oz

1413fps RC Atomic Steel 32g

1399fps Mirage Steel 32g

1396fps Gamebore Super Steel 32g

1382fps Rio Blue Steel 32g

1379fps Fiocchi Steel 35g

1372fps Bornaghi Steel 36g

1290fps Cheddite Steel 32g

1282fps Cheddite Steel 34g

1262fps Hull Steel Game Extra 32g

1245fps Eley VIP Bismuth 32g

1152fps Gamebore Tung Mtrx 32g


Steel Game 3"

1524fps RC Hyperfast 34g

1463fps Winchester Blindside 1 3/8oz

1406fps RC Atomic Steel 36g

1373fps Eley Lightening Steel 36g

1336fps Gamebore Mam Steel 36g

1312fps Hull Solway Mag Steel 36g

1269fps Mirage Steel 36g

1226fps Hull Solway Mag Steel 34g

1197fps Rem Sportsman Steel 36g


Non Toxic Super Magnum 3.5"

1428fps Gamebore Mam Steel 42g

1409fps Winchester Blindside 1 5/8oz

1377fps Winchester Drylock 1 9/16oz

1353fps Mirage Steel 39g

1212fps Gamebore Tung Mtrx 60g


Clay Cartridges 21g

1494fps Cheddite Universal Trap 21g

1372fps RC Romagnola 21g

1319fps Gamebore Super Steel 21g

1312fps Hull Comp X 21g

1306fps Fiocchi TT21

1289fps Mirage Supertarget 21g

1291fps Lyalvale Super Light 21g

1254fps Eley First Light 21g


Clay Cartridge

1470fps Cheddite Mach 3 HV 24g

1402fps Hull Sovereign 24g

1399fps NSI Diamond Sporting 24g

1397fps Hull Pro One 24g

1387fps Cheddite SG Young 24g

1387fps Trust Sporting 24g

1381fps Fiocchi FBlu 24g

1380fps Fiocchi FSteel 24g

1376fps Mirage Supertarget 24g

1374fps Cheddite Universal Trap 24g

1374fps Fiocchi FBlack 24g

1363fps Mirage T2 Competition 24g

1361fps FOB Mondial 24g

1359fps Cheddite Trap Oro 24g

1358fps Cheddite Drago Skeet T3 24g

1353fps Mirage BOL D'or 24g

1351fps Hull Inter Comp HV 24g

1352fps Gamebore Blue Diamond 24g

1350fps Rio Target 24g

1340fps RC4 Excellence Trap 24g

1338fps Gamebore Platinum Trap 24g

1332fps Rio Star Team Trap 24g

1326fps Cheddite Smart Strike 24g

1320fps Mirage Grand Italia 24g

1318fps Fiocchi Top One 24g

1318fps Eley Rebel 24g

1314fps Fiocchi Golden Trap 24g

1313fps Eley First Light 24g

1312fps Eley Amber 24g

1297fps Victory Compak 24g

1296fps Lyalvale High Velocity 24g

1294fps Gamebore Black Gold 24g

1287fps Cheddite 2 Shot Skeet 24g

1283fps RC Romagnola 24g

1285fps Fiocchi Official Trap 24g

1277fps RC2 Competition 24g

1273fps Gamebore White Gold Pro Steel 24g

1270fps Gamebore Evo Competition 24g

1260fps Mirage Pro Sport Extra 24g

1246gps Fiocchi Official Trap 24g

1235fps Gamebore Super Steel 24g

1233fps Eley 1st Select 24g

1214fps Eley Olympic Blue 24g


Clay Cartridge 27-28g

1430fps Gamebore Dark Storm 28g

1383fps Kent Velocity 28g

1383fps Lyalvale Power Red 27g

1379fps Hull Sovereign Parcours 28g

1363fps Lyalvale High Velocity 28g

1361fps Cheddite Mach 3 Free Shots 28g

1347fps Cheddite Smart Strike 28g

1347fps NSI Diamond Sporting 28g

1342fps Cheddite Mach 3 28g

1340fps FOB Sport 28g

1337fps RC3 Competition 28g

1336fps Lyalvale World Cup 28g

1335fps Cheddite Universal Trap 28g

1330fps Rio Star Team Trap 28g

1328fps Mirage Steel Competition 28g

1328fps Hull Super Fast 27g

1325fps Gamebore Evo Sporting 28g

1323fps Hull Pro One 28g

1321fps NSI Prima 28g

1320fps Rio Target 28g

1319fps Black Gold HV Steel 28g

1318fps Cheddite Sporting 28g

1318fps Lyalvale Super Comp 28g

1317fps Mirage RWS Evolution 28g

1317fps Gamebore Patriot 28g

1316fps Eley VIP Federation 28g

1314fps Gamebore White Gold 28g

1312fps RC4 Red Shot 28g

1311fps Winchester Blue Light 28g

1310fps Fiocchi FBlu 28g

1310fps D&J Clay Target 28g

1300fps Just Cartridges CSP 28g

1298fps Gamebore Super Steel 28g

1297fps Tunet Universelle 28g

1297fps Gamebore Velocity+ 28g

1296fps Mirage Elica 28g

1296fps Lyalvale Pro Comp Skeet 28g

1295fps Gamebore Platinum Trap 28g

1293fps Eley Superb 28g

1293fps Eley Olympic Blue 28g

1286fps RC2 Competition 28g

1282fps Lyalvale Power Blue 28g

1281fps Fiocchi Official Skeet 28g

1281fps Gamebore Black Gold 28g

1279fps Fiocchi F3 28g

1274fps Hull Pro Sport 28g

1268fps Lyalvale English Sporter 28g

1263fps Fiocchi Golden Trap 28g

1259fps Victory Challenger 28g

1259fps Mirage T2 Competition 28g

1259fps Fiocchi 4HV 28h

1258fps Eley First 28g

1254fps Mirage Supertarget 28g

1254fps Fiocchi Top One 28g

1253fps Fiocchi TTone 28g

1251fps Victory Sporter 28g

1251fps Fiocchi Official Trap 28g

1247fps Mirage BOL D'or 28g

1245fps FOB Viper 28g

1242fps Mirage Grand Italia 28g

1235fps RC4 Trap 28g

1233fps Gamebore Blue Diamond 28g

1227fps Gamebore White Gold Pro Steel 28g

1223fps Fiocchi FBlack 28g

1219fps Mirage T2 Competition DTL 28g

1214fps Hull Comp X 28g

1194fps Mirage Pro Sport Extra 28g


Clay Cartridges 32g

1370fps Remington Nitro Gold

1330fps Winchester Silver



1425fps Cheddite T1 24g Fibre Wad

1339fps Lyalvale Special Pigeon 21g

1322fps Fiocchi 30g

1280fps Fiocchi 3" Magnum

1273fps RC Semi Magnum 32g

1260fps RC JK6 T3 26g

1244fps Viri/FOB 30g

1224fps Gamebore Pure Gold 28g

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Wow that's some seriose testing

Must have cost a fortune in test ammo so would to tell you how much I appreciate the info you have gathered and posted


All the best


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Hi Johnny, thanks for all ur effort, may I ask where u got the rc hyper steel from, all I shoot is steel and the speed ur showing looks very interesting, I don't homeload as I live in ni and components are to hard to get over here

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I got them from GAC in Dunde but I believe they are available over your way in Margarah? Excuse the spelling that's how it sounded over the phone, I'll get the shop name

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I chrono'ed a few 20 gauge cartridges today before the roost shoot if you want to add them to your list. All at about 2metres from the Chrony.

Eley CT 24gram plastic 7.5 shot 70mm case - 1218, 1208, 1180.

Eley CT 28gram Fibre 7.5 shot 70mm case - 976, 999, 991. Which was quite a surprise but they had a definite subsonic type pop rather than a bang even though they are a standard velocity cartridge so I'm convinced it's accurate.


Lyalvale Special Twenty Fibre 28gram 7.5 shot 65mm case. 1184 fps (only had one , sorry)

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Surprising how many so called 1500 fps premium cartridges are slower than the cheaper cartridges.


Be interested in seeing the speeds of the Maxam Imperial Trap cartridges that most shops are stocking for under £140.00 a thousand.


Can't beat a good budget cartridge that performs.

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I felt every one of those 1404f from the fiocchi golden pheasant last night, through my synthetic pump! They are an awesome cartridge though, and i can't believe how slow hull high pheasant are!

Edited by kennett

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Ive shot birds this season with the golden pheasant that I doubt I will ever better! Where abouts are you? I can get them in Suffolk

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Nice one Johnny


How many shells of each type did you shot?


Also, what is the set up of your chrony ? i'd be interested in knowing the distance from the muzzle, position against light / sun ( sorry i know we have't had much sun these days :lol: )



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Is it just me but hardly any of the premium cartridges match up to the company's claimed fps do they have a different way of arriving their velocities not many if any have reached manufacturers claimed velocities is it just bull that they print on boxes makes very interesting reading well done very informative

Edited by chris1961

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it makes you wander if speed is that important too because Hull high pheasant are such a good proven shell for killing good distant birds as well as anything yet look to be so slow...no doubt the faster they leave the barrel the faster they decelerate and the pattern and speed at 40 yards + is much more equal?...

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Cook off, you have no idea how good it would be for someone to go in on that test, it's bloody killing me cash wise. My friends have helped an awful lot and everyone has got used to me rummaging through their cartridge bags swapping cartridges etc!


The biggest lot of cartridges I'd like to test are the sub 32g range but I don't shoot allot of pigeons so I don't want to end up stuck with them, or take ages to get rid of them. I mostly shoot ducks flighting over fields that's why I have tested so many 32g plus cartridges as I know I'll use them up!

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Mind me before the 28th & I will stick the Chedites I have in for you to test

Edited by Tam

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