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Chilly afternoon

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After an excellent roost session last night during which i managed some real testing birds, i was up for a spot of decoying today.

I had been invited to help shoot some pigeons on a rape field which as had some damaging attention off the woodies.

As always at this time of year the pigeons have proved very tricky here and despite good numbers being present most days, others that have shot the field had only managed a few birds.


After a breif reccy of the field it was clear the pigeon were hitting a patch of the field that required a 200 metre walk fully laden with kit over wet sticky ground.

We set up a net hide around a telegraph pole and set up a magnet with dead birds, a floater and 4 dead birds on cradles.


The wind was roughly 15mph at our back and coming from the north east, which can be painfully bitter round this part of yorkshire.

Before too long the first pigeon decoyed perfectly.

I left my gun in the slip and let the lad i was out with have some shooting as it was a while since he had shot real birds!

It showed and after two barrels the first pigeon departed the decoys in pefect health!!


It took a while for him to get to grips, but eventually he did and we started to build a bag.

Some large buches of birds approached but we didn't shoot at these to prevent spooking them and tried to focus on the one's and two's.

This seemed to work ok and we managed a bag of 32 pigeons in 4 hours before eventually the birds stopped coming.


We endured some fairly heavy snow showers {you can see the snow on the birds in first picture} and the slog back with all the kit and the dead birds was knackering for a pair of fat lads of 40 years old!!


The farmer was chuffed at our efforts and we both enjoyed the afternoon as did Tom my labrador, he has had a busy weekend on the pigeons.


Not a huge bag but as good as i can manage at the minute.






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You done well to stick the cold out aga man , I was in a wood all yesterday afternoon , it was cold but I had a bit of shelter from the trees , if anything today is colder and you Yorkshire boys must be pretty hard to sit around a telegraph pool in snow showers .


Still I bet you didn't have any flies to contend with :lol: by the way , not a bad bag for the time you were there.

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