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GDK HD electronic ear plugs

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    nope but recently bought pair which were recommended on here and they are great for the money...cant for life of me remember the name but if you do a search of this topic you will find it..

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    Leave them alone .


    Bought some about six months ago, struggled to put the batteries in.


    Came to use them last week and the batteries were flat.


    Also the switch had seized on the one ear piece., had to get a pair of pliers to move it


    Now use them as ordinary protectors.Waste of money

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    Passive 'in ears' (I use EMT) are good and comfortable - and last if you don't loose them;


    Electronic 'in ears' are expensive and go through batteries pretty rapidly. Some people seem to have had reliability issues.


    I have often considered going electronic, but cost and running cost have put me off. Protection is just as good from passive, and I find that I can hear enough with the passives in not to be inconvenienced at all.


    Like you, I can't use cans as they interfere with mount, but I do use MSA Sordins when not actually shooting.

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