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Good springer and scope for rabbits and pigeons?

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I believe it's almost impossible to buy utter rubbish these days. If asked 'what's best' everybody will tent to recommend what they have themselves, obviously. That's not to say what's perfect for them is right for you. It's a very emotive subject and highly personal choice and, unfortunately, being human we have a certain amount of built in bias. 

The choice is massive, all will have a fan base, and haters. Whilst this is no help at all, all I will suggest is this. You know your budget, try and stick to it (hard part) and don't rush. Not so easy at the moment but find a local shop and have a look. Ultimately you will purchase the one you 'like'. First impressions always count. 

Whatever you end up with, practice. Once done, practice some more. Don't be taken in by fancy marketing or the need to get the most likes on social media, for something you don't need. Even the most cost effective package will give you the results if you work with it. 

Most of all, relax and enjoy. It's not a race. 



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