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To make wire cradles I made this former from a bit of scrap wood and some nails with heads cut off, you can vary the length of the legs for what ever crop you are shooting over or just tape canes to the legs to raise them up in higher crops,

The cradles are made from two lengths of wire one slightly longer than the other, one starts at the rear leg ,forms one side with leg hole then up to the head, the other shorter starts at the front leg,forms the other side leg ring then is just twisted onto the other at the top of the rear leg, front leg and head support are also twisted together, painted white so you can find them easily.

You can vary the size of the body support for what ever you are mounting.



Galvanised Steel Tension Straining Line Wire Fencing Chain Link - 25m x 2.5mm

This is the link for the 2.5mm wire I use from eBay priced at under £9 including post.

A 25 metre spool will make 20 cradles.

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