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How did we all get on today

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Shot the English open at doveridge, going round in windy showery conditions, 73ex100


I walked the course first and there were a lot of rangy birds, some very rangy. The impression I got was I would be lucky to get 50%.


In fact it could have been a whole lot different, up until stand 8 I had only dropped 6 targets, then mentally I fell to bits and shot 1ex6, 2ex6 and another 3ex6 I think. Straighted the last stand to bring myself up into the 70's.


Extremely chuffed with that :good:

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PIN that sounds like a very good showing.


Makes you realise that a good score is made in your head and then with the gun. Weird stuff the mental side - after all, if you can shoot the first pair on any stand then there's no reason why you shouldn't shoot all the rest on that stand.


HHommmmmmmmm - be the clay.

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Pin & Mungler, well done guys, sounds like you had an excellent day. I had one of my better too with a 34ex50 which is good for me although there were a few easy stands.


I was following some of the recent discussion regarding choke and cartridge choice so today i went with cylinder & 1/4 and #8's. Before i used 1/4 & 1/2 and #7.5's. It just goes to show today's combination will still break clays at the typical ranges of my local shoot and at a guesstimate most sporting layouts in my area.

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Well done mate!


open/quarter can be devastating for anything close in, as can 9's through these chokes too (mind perhaps skeet not Cyl with 9's).


Sometimes you have to see something broken, and broken well, with a new combo before you believe it.


I shot the whole open with 1/2 and 3/4 chokes, didn't change once. Used the same carts too, which incidentally kick ****. Hull Sovereign FITASC extreme range in 28g 7 1/2 shot.


Would use them again, but they are mega expensive.

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I think Pin's score is outstanding, having shot the course myself, he's gonna finish up in top 20% of scores, and that's pretty good when you consider how little experience he's had at this game.


Well done Matey..!! :good::lol:


And well done to Mungler too, a 50 straight in any shoot is a damn good achievement, most guy's backsides go on the last stand, keep wearing those pads..!! :lol::lol:



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Well done on the straight 50 nice one :good: It doesn't matter about the easy layout, if it was that easy everyone should have put in a straight.


I shot the Tollesbury Wildfowlers shoot this morning in the wind and rain and was well pleased with a 41/50 even though by my reckoning it should have been a 43 as I was keeping count of dropped birds in my head and I can only remember dropping 7. :good:


Never mind it was only a practice shoot and the trophy and prize shoots start in a couple of weeks.




Very well done on the English open, I am glad to see you are not changing chokes every stand.

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Met up with Barry today (The Stalker) to shoot East Tilbury & Linford Gun Club today.


Nice set up and nice club atmosphere - very strange set up though, you can't shoot without an invitation and there is a waiting list to join - sounds like the Clay Pigeon equivalent of a Golf Club.


I put in 54/60 and the high gun was 57/60. After blitzing a stand for 10/10 Barry then blanked 0/10 on a right to left looper. I checked the club rules (and yes there is a rules booklet) and fortunately Barry was not required to shoot the next (and last stand) with his *** out.


Looking forward to going back there soon and another round with Barry. :good:

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:good: Dude, you shoot like a pro on fire, Im not playing with you no more........... :good:


Im bloody glad you didnt come to skeet...............worse session I have ever had......but to be fair 12 bottles of magners and 3.30am to bed prolly didnt help lol. :/



with his *** out.


It was that cold i dont suppose anyone would have noticed anyway!!!! :/



I also think that you would have scored higher if i wasnt so **** on that first trap lol.

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I took the plunge yesterday and joined my "local" sporting clays club - its bit of a trek at 200 miles round trip but it was the closest I could find! Having only shot Trap/DTL infrequently for the last three years it was great to be confronted with a wider variety of targets :lol:


All a bit different to the casual once a month Sunday morning 40 bird shoots back in deepest Norfolk - very much "golf with a shotgun" over here with stations spread over a wide area requiring a golf buggy (any excuse not to walk for these boys) and great presentations in a disused limetsone quarry.




Shooting solo with claycounter set on 3 second delay was a bit distracting, requiring a slightly different technique for those 'on report' tagets :good: Push button for 1st target gun up - bang - gun down wait for second bird -"oh b*gger" - locate controller - push button for second - gun back up - bang.


Pleasantly surprised with a 70/100 and even more pleased with my F3.

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Rabbits keep those mussels low, shoot their feet off. Don't believe the deception you missed behind because of the **** being kicked up, its much more normal to miss over the top and think you missed behind :good:

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Again shot my local tuesday evening club, didn't get of to a good start with 5/8 on the first stand but finished on 30/40 so a little below average but not bad overall.


One guy I was squadded with straighted the first 3 stands only to fall apart on the last 2 and finished on 33. I dod not know what high gun was but I reckon it should have been 36-38.



I am going to suffer from withdrawal for the next week or so as I won't be shooting again until next tuesday. :good::yahoo:

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or a miss in front which is even more common :yahoo:


Top marks to Stuart on that one, :yahoo: you often hear people say "It rolled through the pattern", it didn't, they simply missed it in front. :good:




Tell me about it, I get fed up off seeing those nasty things rolling away as the dust clears :good:

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When I went shooting with you last Sunday, I missed the follow on day - my local does one Saturday then moves site and does one Sunday. Apparently my name was mud because the course set up on Sunday was made near impossible following the straight - highest was 34/50.


Yesterday's course (Saturday) was a pig - stand 2 had two left to right crossers far out and were the fastest crossers I have ever seen. The first time I called for the pair, I didn't get a shot off - they were out of my sight picture before I knew what had happened. Naturally I gave it some BS and made out that I had left the safety on and called for them again!


Anyway, I came joint first with 38/50 with an experienced shooter (having missed 9 out of the 10 on stand 2). Shoot off to come.


Today was another pig - stand 3 had a pair of fast away midis on a manual trap - I was able to get the 1st but the 2nd was long gone and with a manual trap no pair was the same. If I had brought the chokes I would have been swapping them out and about on that stand - mind you a prayer mat would have been more useful. Stand 5 had another nasty fast crosser, and I got every other one of those. End score was 40/50 and 1st.


The best bit of the weekend's shooting was the massive trophy I got for the 50/50. Okay so it couldn't have cost more than two quid but it's priceless to me. Oh yes, I get my ugly mug in Pull Magazine as well.

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