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2nd shoot on barley

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almost a carbon copy of last week with 74 shot and 62 picked this week 70 birds shot and 60 picked on the same field but a different part of it

again had to pick our shots to drop them on the laid patches we must of refused about 50 birds we would of normally shot or shot at if we were shooting on a stubble or drilling but we would of lost a lot more than we did if we had done ,it is a bit frustrating but you have restrain yourself in order to pick them



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Top shooting, impressed with the restraint from shooting those long birds too....hard to resist isn't it but all part of shooting on laid barley/wheat in my opinion.

Great follow up from last weekend!

Just got back from my day out this weekend too and had to really hold back on shooting unpickable birds, ended on 87 picked with only 9 lost.

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