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Sloe crop this year

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Mediocre in West Kent. Part of the trouble is the farmer, an Egyptian gentleman whom has been discussed on here previously, has had all the blackthorn bushes cut back hard, and I mean hard. Unless you take a pair of steps your chances of getting any will be nowt, especially after Mrs H & I had gleaned the best of what was in reach. I have 6 litres steeping.

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Seemed promising my way (Colchester, Essex)...

I was checking them for ripeness every so often and things were moving along ok...


Then I took different dog walking route for a few weeks, we had lots of late hot weather, came back and most of them have shrivelled and died :-(.


Those that were left were dark and ripe, but not much yield from the bushes considering.


A bumper amount of crab apples this way however... (was collecting some up when what felt like a dozen fell onto my head - even the dog looked like she was laughing at me!



This year I'm going to make some sloe vodka, and then once I am ready for bottling, I will keep the sloes and make a vodka sloe and crab apple jelly :-)

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Can somebody tell me if its best to wait until there has been a frost before you pick sloes, or just pick them when you find them as I have found quite a good crop of them.

I like to think of myself as a sloe aficionado and going by some of the previous comments they could well be under par. If you tell me their location I'll be happy to drop by and give them the once over for you. There is no charge for this, purely out of the goodness of my own heart as that's the kind of guy I am. I know, some do say I'm a fool to myself with such acts of charity and kindness :-)

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