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What's your dog called and why

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Got a yellow lab called Edward and his son who I've called Christopher because the two guys who own the estate that we beat on are called Edward and Christopher so we can have some fun in a couple of years when Christopher is old enough!!

Also got a Cole who has a solid black head (ESS), I just prefer the spelling to 'Coal' lol.

The the slightly more run of the mill names, Brock the cocker, Sammy, Spot and Rogue more young springers, Molly another springer as well as Jazz, yet another ESS.

Oh and then there's Turbo the springer, Turbo by name, Turbo by nature!

Jono the cocker pup named after a chap we train with so we can have fun on training days....

Ben and Boris the JRTs (Boris has to be said in a Russian accent)

Tess the crazy Staffy.

Think that's about everybody...

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Oh and I forgot Jessie the child eating cocker.... (Well, not since she's been given to us anyway!)

Reminds me of the Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells who interestingly apparently used to spend a lot of time in a huge house down the mountain from us...

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Morning all, this is my first post but been reading for a while.


My 28 month cocker bitch is called "eze" pronounced "ezeey" named after the medieval village "eze" in south of France. An area we love and the last place abroad that we went to just before we got her. Would post a pic but haven't worked it out yet :)

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Lucy, daughter's middle name and Lucy Labrador sounded ok,


My little Border was called Lucy, simply because that's what my daughter ( who was 7 when we got her ) wanted to call her. Her KC registered name was Mystic Blue, but I have no idea why.

I eventually abbreviated it to Loop, or Loopy, and thats what she answered to, until she went deaf, then she pleased herself!

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Brenne 2: after a town in France. His predessesor Brenne 1 was a pappilon of similiar appearance.

Quinn: because he is the Mighty Quinn.

Taz because he goes like a tasmanian devil in the cartoon. Used to do agility with him in more mobile days.

Logan: Dad named him.

Leo: came with that name.

Dougall: because he is black and it means dark stranger.

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