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What's your dog called and why

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My Grandad was a keeper on an estate beginning with the letter 'B'. All his dogs had to be named a name beginning with the letter B too. There was Bronze, Breeze, Brock, Belle, Bracken, Brooner and many more. Started to get difficult to think of names!

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Morning all, this is my first post but been reading for a while.


My 28 month cocker bitch is called "eze" pronounced "ezeey" named after the medieval village "eze" in south of France. An area we love and the last place abroad that we went to just before we got her. Would post a pic but haven't worked it out yet :)

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My Lab is called Lola because my kids were watching Charlie and Lola (kids program) and it was decided by them there and then.

They also named all out other pets... Scary! We have a Storm, Ed and Sheeran (rabbits), Ant and Dec (Zebra finches), Elsa the cat, Bob 2 - the hamster, and Lola the Lab haha

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On 11/21/2016 at 15:09, pudbas said:

got a mate with two springers one bas the other ted great when hes calling them


Funny that, nearly all the dogs on a shoot I used to beat on were called that, followed by a ‘come here’ dogs and bitches.

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