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Any steel cartridge is going to be better than Lyadale! A few years ago someone on the forum did speed tests and found them very slow to say the least. The last lot I had were unable to kill pigeons cleanly at 35 yards!


I have used Hull Solway 3 inch and they were ok , but not as good as Gamebore mammoths. RC 2 3\4 32 gr are very good too.

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I find it hard to believe that a major cartridge manufacturer would make such substandard ammunition. I would rather chrono them myself, rather than listen to hearsay.

Unfortunately it's true Mate.

I've shot so many Geese with them if I had a £ for everyone I'd be Very rich BUT i got slated beyond believe for stating I regularly " Nutted Geese " 45-50yd with them.

It's a long story I'm sure a few can remember it being on another forum.

Slow as they was it still " Nutted Geese"

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I fired 1 gamebore mammoth magnum 36g 3 at a wigeon on Saturday night, and killed it cleanly at 45-50yds so I'm happy with them. And my local gun shop has a cupboard full so no supply worries

And you know the saying " one swallow does not make it summer " 😆


Only joking shot a lot of Geese with the same Type of Cartridge at simular range's until i started reloading 👍

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