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Why is it cheaper to buy parts from Beretta Italy?

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Needed a few parts for the Beretta AL391 I have just bought, so looked at the suppliers in the UK then went on the Beretta website only to find its cheaper to buy from Italy than the UK!

Why is it cheaper to buy parts from Beretta Italy than Beretta agents in the UK?

The best one was the C spanner for the gas valve £10 each from the UK, £2.85 direct from Beretta.

Another example, replacement stock for the above gun UK £412, Beretta Italy £172


Brownells (UK) Ltd

Total cost including postage £42.00


GMK Ltd were not much better and did not stock most of the parts I required (back order only)

Total cost direct from Beretta Italy including postage £24.00


BERETTA USA Wrench, Valve Hook, 391,12/20Ga
Product no.: 913200560, 2 off


BERETTA USA Spring, Recoil 390/391
Product no.: 913200001


BERETTA USA Spacer, Drop 50/65mm
Product no.: 913200340


BERETTA USA Washer, Plate, Drop 50/65mm
Product no.: 913200005

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This is where the gun trade is killing itself!

I was in the bike trade (still am but only in an advisory role now) and we wouldn't deal with any wholesaler who sold direct to the public! There was a couple of bike shops who sold to the public dirt cheap, George Whites and Cornell, they'd deliver the bikes with wrong number plates and paperwork missing! Both now gone.

There should be a difference in wholesale and retail.

If wholesalers sell direct then what's the point in local shops? All they can sell is cartridges which we all know aren't very profitable.

As for buying from abroad, it's ok unless you order something wrong and have to send it back! Sadly tho the Beretta eStore is a brilliant site and delivery is excellent and I've used it myself before. GMK didn't have the parts or said they'd be 3-4 weeks and I had them in 48 hours from Italy.

Customer service is the key to business in my book, something some shops need to improve big time. But customer service comes at a price, that's where the extra cost is.

Sorry for the rant, and it's not directed at Old'Un in any way it's a subject I'm battling all the time.

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By buying direct from the manufacturer you're only paying one company's profit.


You're lucky, most manufacturers won't deal with the public direct, especially if it involves posting abroad (even if within the EU).

The eStore supplies parts & accessories throughout the EU whereas GMK, although mostly owned by Beretta, supplies the UK and they seem to concentrate on shipping guns and only supplying parts when they absolutely have to. Their site allegedly sells chokes but last time I looked (18 months ago) most were out of stock.


I've heard nothing but good reports about Beretta's eStore. Sadly that's something I can't say about GMK.

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Hi l wanted steel chokes for my 28gauge . Non in U.K. found a store in the USA but they were not allowed to export them . I found a manufacturer in Italy ordered on Sunday evening and they were delivered Tuesday morning. That’s good service.

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22 hours ago, Charlie Anderson said:

Bought parts for a benelli from a website in Italy, a third of the price and arrived in 3 days. Brownells was more expensive and would have taken weeks


Do you have a link to the website? 

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