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what are you doing for christmas


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Christmas at the parents this year after a split from the ex and I had to move back 😂 Nephews and nieces all running round and plenty of food and drink surrounded by my favourite people .

No hunting for me though as without ferrets or even a airrifle at the minute and had to rehome the dog but will enjoy a few long walks with my mums terriers Christmas morning and Boxing Day

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Killing a couple of my geese and invited more than enough folk to eat them all up.

I like cooking and if I invite everybody here I can have a drink because i am not driving. And when they say Oh we can't come because of my mum/sister,daughter in law and people next door etc etc I just say no bother, bring them too. :)

They are going to have to bring their own chair, plate and cutlery though cos i haven't got enough.

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I am sure big families can be a pain at times but it's just me, the wife and the two youngest and sometimes I wish we had a larger family to share the occasion with.


Out shooting on Boxing Day.

I'm with you on that.

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This year we are having our normal Christmas breakfast together,(family tradition Steak and bread and butter, farming stock) that's the two kids, their other halves and the grandson. (we all live within 100yds) Then they are off to the other parents.

For some reason the Mrs then wants to go down to the Caravan on Exmoor, Lynton actually, for a few days, that'll be cold, damp ,wet outside, but no-one will be around, nothing on the roads. Will have some great walks, have a few bottles of nice wine and take some single malt. I'm warming to this Christmas I think

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At the tender age of 65 & with SWMBO at 70 we'll still be feeding the ungrateful parents who'll still be complaining about everything.


Fun? NO!

And don't tell me we'll miss them when they've gone, we won't, we've had enough.

Can't you play them up a bit. Like do the dinner and don't issue them any. Get couple of pot noodles and dish up the Christmas to yourselves and put the unopened pot noodles on their plates. Be quiet serious about the dinner that they have got and don't forget to say grace for the pot noodles. = be grateful for that we receive. They are then issued out the real dinner.

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Christmas is passing me by this year since I've been out of work since getting being hit on the A12 I at the end of June,

Did go back for 3 weeks of September but couldn't hack it for fear of being hit again and killed

DSS have told me this week that I don't even qualify for Job Seekers Allowance, Not because I left the job but because I haven't paid sufficient Class 1 contributions ???

Still, My lot is nowhere near as bad as some other people's on here and in life.

Whatever you're doing, whoever you're with - treasure it :)


You need to give yourself a kick up the rear, I feel for you being unemployment and a tad short as far as income goes.

But !!!

Get that chunky chin up and make Christmas good for your family.

Make 2017 a better year, and get your butt to the next PW camp, I missed you this year. ;-)

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I shall have a lay in, then go up the woods with the dog for a couple of hours.

Lunch will be cheese on toast or soup and crusty bread, washed down with a couple of bottles of Hobgoblin.

Afternoon kip then son and daughter will be round in the evening.

Shooting on the 27th.


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