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gamebore 3.5" stringing shot column

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A 'square' load should always pattern better than an overloaded cartridge.

However steel is not as affected by this as lead etc......

3" steel game bore with correct pellet size are more than adequate at 40-50 yards. If you need bigger shot or more range you need the 3.5" case ( pattern)or hw/power shot.

I haven't shot the latest gamebore 3.5" but a friend was using 42gram 3's on flighting wigeon with great results

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Im happier with the 3" in a #1 myself.The 3.5 i have used with reasonable success from time to time but in my humble opinion these 3.5 rounds just dont live up to a ten bore pattern wise .

That assumes you can justify a 10 of course, which l can't so will stick with 3.5 2oz itm

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