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Mossberg 500 20 Guage Chokes


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I bought a Mossberg 500 26" 20 gauge, cheap and in lovely "as new" condition that I'm working on as a bit of a project.

It only came with a single modified choke for some reason though.

Being such popular guns I'd have thought chokes would be easy to come by but there seem to be very few stockists online and even less that have 20 gauge chokes.

I quite fancy some extended ones so I can change them in the field but can't find any in the UK.

Brownell's do the standard Mossberg flush ones but they are £30 each which is very high - I've seen them at £20 occasionally, but typically not now I've decided to buy some!

Another issue is the ones I've seen on sale are marked Accu-II and my barrel says Accu-Choke on it. The single choke I have had no other markings than Mod.

So are Accu-II going to fit? The gun seems fairly new but it may just have not been used.

There are plenty of chokes available in the US but I'm not sure on the legalities of importing chokes?

Are they classed as a firearm part?

I'm wanting 1/4 and Full or possibly Extra Full.

Any thoughts on Extra Full pattern in a 20g?

They do lots of turkey chokes for these and I was thinking they may be good for "high crows" lol

Both flying and roosting.





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Mossberg basic guns interchange with Winchester, invector (not plus) and Mossberg. Accuchoke and accuchoke 2 are the same thread pattern and are interchangeable.


I don't recommend a turkey choke for general shooting. They are very specialist chokes for making the tightest patterns possible with small shot. For shooting crows, you would get a usable pattern around the 60 yard mark. At that point you are going to start running out of pellet energy. Unless you are making a specialist gun for 60+ yard crows using big shot, then I don't recommend spending the money.




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Cheers I'll have a look for these but now I know they are interchangeable I've got a few more options.


I quite like this gun and as it's fairly light and a good workhorse I can carry it around and knock it about without worrying.

I've got a Mossy Oak camo wrap kit for it so it's going to look interesting.

As regards the turkey choke, the issue I have is a lot of crows on our forest edge shoot sit in the very tops of high pine trees and are out of reach when shooting from below. They seem to know they are out of range if you're shooting at them from the tracks and they must be 50 or 60 yards away shooting up at 45 degrees.

I was thinking of using some 4 shot magnums through a really tight choke. I've seen 3" magnum 20 gauge cartridges but they are very pricey. Might be fun though. A rifle would be ideal but I only have a 177 PCP so that's no good either.

I've seen some of the turkey guns in US with red dot sights so that might be interesting to try - kind of shotgun/rifle shooting.


I'm also thinking of adding a Hushpower barrel to it as I have a 410 version and love it, I'm just not sure how quiet the 20 bore version is. Seems like quite a capable pest control gun though.

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