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Pigeon Shredder.

Confusing day out.

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    Went out early yesterday as the sun was up but by god it was cold, minus-minus according to the car stat.

    By the time I had driven over to the farm it had warmed to 2 degrees and a slow wind was coming in from the south east, after a chat with the farmer I set up on a field which was showing a decent amount of movement, this movement commenced to move off soon after I had settled down and refused to come back in, xxxxx.

    Decamped and moved round to another area which always shoots well on the other side of the farm, set up and awaited the first incoming flock to the decoys. I

    heard rather than saw movement behind me and a flock of Lapwings decended onto the field that is only used for Hay on an annual basis, they settled and started feeding noisily, as I returned to the decoys the first Pigeons started coming in and were dispatched.

    This sent a whole field of Lapwings into the air who whirled around for a bit and then came down, you guessed it about 50 meters in front of my decoys!

    Now I had Lapwings and Pigeons flying over and above me in flocks and a mixed bag of both coming into and over the decoys and into the field behind me xxxxxxx's.

    As it was now getting a pain sorting which was shootable and which was not I packed in before any mistakes were made and went to visit some friends for a warming coffee and some Christmas cake.

    Better luck next time I hope, not a totally wasted day but one I hope is not repeated, one plus though was that I have not seen that amount of Lapwings in years it was a sight to behold.

    Oh and only managed 8 Pigeons in all.

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