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Essex Birds, Part 3

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    After a few weeks break, due to beating work and a nasty cold over Xmas/New Year, it was time to test my pupils again. I knew they were back in numbers as an illegal dog-walker had flushed them for me on one of my visits en route to a game shoot.

    It was a cold, bright and frosty morning at dawn (Thursday) and it was soon clear that some things had changed. The birds were in bigger flocks and were doing to old "fly over at a height then sit in a tree to think about it" routine rather than diving straight in. (could just be the weather?)Some did decoy, but tended to pull away from the magnet. Other groups just went straight on over, going somewhere else (must find out where)

    However, some came too close........

    Then, as it warmed up, things changed again and we were back to small groups, coming straight in. They were not as committed as before and sometimes pulled up short. They were not as predictable as I would like but I was on form this time and ended with 65 for 102 shots!!

    Fantastic day (again) and what a fantastic field!!! NB in answer to a posting of today, one of my 3 good days was "heavy mist", the next started with heavy but only low level fog, which cleared)

    The OSR is what you would call in a "normal" year, too well grown to be in danger from pigeons but nobody told them that. Funny thing is, there is an ideal, really poor crop of OSR just a few wing-flaps up the road - almost untouched (I'm watching it!!)

    Happy days!!


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    Good report, the " Midland Birds" are very similar in there actions, flock sits in the trees one drops in and they all follow the leader. In my opinion we could do with some winds to dissipate the fog and give the birds some direction. Well done with your result, await for the next episode of TOWIE ?????

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