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new state pension

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I understand you have to have 35 years to be eligible for the new state pension contributions

I have 43years but 8 years of them were contracted out

So should I still my £155 and my private pension without any reductions

Thanks david

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Do you ring them up and they send you a statement....wouldnt mind finding out what Im going to get

Log on to your PTA (personal tax account) you can see immediately what your NIB (state pension) will be and date you will get it from.

You can also check if you NIC is up to date.

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Just done mine online. Easy enough just have your passport ready. I didn't get the answer I would have liked but at least I know what to expect.

As above. Easy to do and it's all laid out as to what years are full years of contributions and what aren't. Options to top up the shortfall years etc. Mine isn't going to be quite the full £155 but I'm not prepared to lash out the large amounts to obtain this given my age etc.

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If you do a forecast online you can see how much they will charge you to "buy extra years".

I'm 4 years short (took early retirement) and can buy the extra years for about £700 per year,This would give me

an increase of £20 a week,So I would have to live about 4 years extra (to 71) taking paying tax into account.

I have until 2019 to make my mind up.

I know it looks like a no brainer but the rules keep changing.

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Had a statement a while age saying I will get the new state pension £155 a week

I also had a small contracted out pension of £38 a week which I get now

Will this affect my new state pension next year

I have an ex-forces pension and now a state pension. I used to do an early morning job before I got my OAP but I didn't realise the tax implications.

My pension is taken off of my personal tax allowance and so, rather than £11k tax allowance, I only get about £3k tax allowance so I started paying a significant amount of tax from my early morning job.


I'm not complaining, that's the rules, but be aware, if you do have other jobs then your tax liability may change.

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You will be lucky if you get the full amount, l jade the full amount of years, but if your company pension opted you out of SERPS then you will get this reduced. I get a big reduction because of this, and most pensions opted out. You just apply on the website and they give you an estimate. So if you did not bother to pay in for a pension you get more, good luck

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I was involved in the pilot for 12mths before it went live,Its in its 1st yr as a selected few where asked 1st to use it.A combination of tax payers with complicated affairs to simple.By 2020 everyone in the UK will be on the PTA,we have over 9 million signed up already.There where a few teething issues with people accessing it as they where selecting Experia to verify security and they couldn't get the question right.Selecting your passport or P60 is the best option for the addition stage2 verification.

This PTA Will eventually do away with the annual tax return as they (the self employed & self assessed) will be completing Quarterly or Monthly returns.

Also has the added benefit of those on CTC/WTC can put their changes of circumstances through.The big plus with the PTA is claimants for CTC/WTC will no longer be getting too much or too little benefit as it's linked to RTI dater from the employers so if a TAX CREDIT claimants income increase their benefit will adjust to suit.Stops all the "I forgot to inform you" business and claimants ending up Over paid.

Basically mean the TP is in control and in theory won't need to call the Tax Office direct(still be advisors there for those who can use the internet though)

This means we can deploy more officers on Compliance work etc.The big push in the future is focusing on Avoidance not particularly targeting individual,but Umbrella Companies etc,

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