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Ford ranger engine hot

H tomlin

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Hi all recently brought a ford ranger 54 plate seems a clean enough truck runs well but I've noticed even on fairly short journeys the engine is very hot to the touch but temp gauge is always in the middle like most motors any ideas wots occurring atb. H

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If temp gauge is normal I would say it could be gettimg warm quicker because of a sticky thermostat, or someome previoulsly having fitted a different thermostat to warm it up quicker in the winter. Either way id swap it out just in case, also give cooling system a good flush while you at it.

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cautionary tale but 100% true

wed 3rd may my mate and I set off down to Essex to collect a truckman top off a member on here

all the way down 270 miles at a steady 70 mph temp gauge just under half way spot on until next thing bang temp gauge shot off the scale and clouds of steam from under bonnet .

sat for a hour and let it cool down put water in no visible leaks so set off again being very cautious and watching the gauge like a hawk all ok for 11 miles then bang again same thing .

called RAC and got recovered home and truck into garage head off and away for pressure test and skim bad news from machine shop head cracked which they say is a very common fault on the 2.5td lump so new head needed along with all gaskets new head bolts ect so its going to be near a grand to sort

05 plate truck

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run the enjine up get it warm and see if there are any bubbles in the header tank water....that would indicate that hot gases getting into the water....cracked cylinder head /head gasket.............................if you have oil in the water ...another indicator......check underside of oil filler cap...see if it has a grey sludge attatched to it....water......



if you have none of these....then it is likley thermostat...and or water pump.......................




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