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North Kent Still Quiet

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Have quite a few fields to choose from growing Wheat, Barley. Oats, Rape and Peas and still cant find any birds to shoot. They really don't seem to be about, just see the odd half a dozen here and there that just move away when disturbed. Summer at the moment is not looking very promising.

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Don't despair M2 Shooter things will improve , or I hope they will ........., Up until last week , Peas were the number one crop but now it is Winter barley , our Peas are 2 to 3 weeks away from vining and the pigeons have deserted them to go on the near by barley fields , also I noticed today pigeons dropping in on the flattened rape which is now changing colour .


We have got a nice lot on estate land , but a lot of the surrounding farms are having a lean time , good for the land ownesr but not so good for the pigeon shooters .

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As Marshman says, the rape is ripening quickly. Do they swath it in your neck of the woods M2 Shooter ? If so, that will be done shortly.

Unfortunately the farmers around here no longer swath their rape but combine through, so only a few weeks to wait for that and earlier than usual with this weather.

Quite a few pigeons around here on the milky wheat but not really shootable.

Peas, apart from one unshootable field have been totally neglected by the pigeons.

No barley grown locally, so nothing there.

If you have spuds grown, look for a flightline to the field as they use this for drinking when the spuds are being watered. Just a thought.

It's got to improve.


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