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training vid multiple dummies

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Mibee some of the others on here will tell u different, and its possibly the way i do my memories, but i doubt sending ur dog for memories will help with it associating ur arm direction and a dummy.

I only ever send my dogs to a memory on a 'back' command bu then again i only ever leave a memory straight back and usually on a narrow path etc so it will run straight back


I would be doing short seen retrieves in a field with no cover or even a car park/hardcore area, u want the dog to mark the dummy and then take ur time lining it up and don't let the dog go till its staring right down ur arm and absolutely despaerate to go

Sometime stepping forward half a step can help and point ur front foot to dummy it helps line the dogs back up (which cracker said earlier too)


Once it is steady and really staring down ur arm u can go on to harder seen rtrieves and some equally easy/visible binds just to build its confidence up (another reason why a search command can be handy as reassurs the dog its in the right place and a retrieve is near)

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I think every working dog has foibles we would change if we could but their not machines and we work with what we have. I think it makes each one special and better at somethings than others. Staying calm when they frustrate you is hard sometimes, keep up the good work season won't belong now. My dog knows as the nights start to draw in he sticks to me like glue from mid July as I start upping his trading a bit. I use a hunt command whistle for my dog, also point him along my arm fir direction. I tie a few pheasant tail feathers with fishing line to my working dog dummies so they trail of the dummy an in h or so waving as it comes down, gives the dog a good visual marker and mimics shot birds.

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