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Fishing around Bala area

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Morning gents , every time I drive to Porthmadog I look at the rivers flowing towards Bala direction. Lots of little rivers.

I always wonder what's in these little rivers but google isn't showing anything or any river names.

I'm not driving 2 hours to go fishing so it's just curiosity ;)


I've screen shot google to help

Any ideas



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I was a member of bala anglers for the best part of 10 years, the river you speak of sounds like the Twyweyrn, spent many a happy hour fishing that lovely river for grayling and as many a happy day grayling fishing on the upper Dee at bala, plenty of brownies and salmon. Chased the lady of the river for many years, fished up in the cheviots, the Annan, the Nidd, the wharfe, the Severn and the Dove to name a few. I was very fortunate that my old next door neighbour was a obsessive grayling fisherman (was on his third wife he said because of fishing) and he used to take me all over the country with him grayling fishing.


Caught the two largest grayling of my life at bala, both on the two pound mark, the upper dee has some of the largest grayling in the country and is known for holding some big fishy's, wonderful memories. Beautiful area that. There is a natural slate shelf at Corwen and if i recall it does not allow the proliferation of other species up towards the river into the lake which allows the grayling to do so well. Some whapping pike up around them systems too.




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