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Pigeon Decoy Shells

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    On the right day anything 'grey and pigeon shaped' works.

    For years I have used the old 'cardboard' ones very light and 50 take up less space than 3 full body decoys.

    Movement is key so combine these with a flapper or a couple of floaters or a magnet and job done!

    I still have a template for them all you need is decent card (possibly thin plastic is available now that would work) some dark grey primer and a flash of white in the right places.

    Make a simple peg device and your done!

    Basic but as said work if the pigeons are feeding on the field and your in the right place!!




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    I used to make them from  an old car inner tube,painted grey,with a cotton bobbin as a head.On the day,they worked. Lollipop stick as a spine.

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    On 14/11/2017 at 11:51, Scotty1980 said:

    I have been looking at some shells on ebay and wondered what you thought of them?

    I think that the white bars on the sides are a little bright, but good value for money.






    If there the same as ones I bought which I think they r there poor really brittle and shiny and heavy

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