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Can’t stand this new layout

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12 minutes ago, kennett said:

If you click on the pigeon watch logo, top centre of the page it takes you back to the full forum menu

Good man that's much better, thought it was just the logo, its like playing an escape room game, you have to touch everything ? 

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I don’t see any problem with it 

it’s like buying a new car or anything new you have to learn where everything is .this site is no different 

you learn and find your way round .

only thing is there is no instruction book 

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1 hour ago, old'un said:

The answer is more than likely obvious but why do some post have a month and date and others only a day and time?

I think if it's over a week old it gives the date and if it was in the last week, just the day. 

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On 19/11/2017 at 10:24, peck said:

What i do not like is the new font, there's not enough contrast with the background making it a bit hard on the older eyes. 

this is a lot easier to read for me, 

I agree, it is a bit bright ....

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The only thing that annoys me is if there are a lot of threads to read (I only come here every now and again and in the old format there could be 10-30 pages to get through!), rather than been set in pages of say 20 threads, there's just one page that goes on and on and on. And if you click a tread to read it takes you right back to the top of the list/page :angry:

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