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Charles H Maleham Sidelock non ejector sleeved 12 gauge

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    Charles H Maleham Sidelock non ejector sleeved


    12 gauge Shotgun Trade Seller
    Used - Average Condition Kettering , Northamptonshire
    Side by Side, 1/4 Choke, 3/4 Choke, 30" barrels
    30e68c5f-adb3-4ccc-87b6-236d72c312d2 5a4a9790-baab-483c-b549-c41c016ef1df 49d49193-9eeb-4a16-9659-dbd2a56b53c8


    14 7/8 pull to the front trigger
    Sadly sleeved but to a Very high standard
    Mint bores!
    2 1/2 inch (65mm) chambers
    Stunning looking gun
    Stacks of History!!
    Tight as the day it was New
    The following information is with complements from The Internet Gun Club
    In 1866 George was reportedly joined in the business by Charles Henry Maleham. George died in 1868.

    At some date, Thomas Mirfin (b.1841 in Todwick, Yorkshire) was employed by George Maleham. It is known that he became foreman in the firm, probably in the late 1860s, and it may well be that George's widow, Elizabeth, and Thomas Mirfin, continued the business until 1873, when Charles took over and the name of the firm changed to Charles H Maleham. At some time Charles reportedly opened an additional shop at 13 Rubens Street to sell second quality guns.

    There appears to be no record of Charles in the 1871 census.

    On 14 March 1873 Maleham and Mirfin patented a top lever cocking action, and cocking and retracting strikers (No. 940). The extremely long top lever, which moved either left or right, operated a Purdey bolt and a slide rather like the Westley Richards top lever. The forward ends of the slide had had two lateral projections which connected to recesses in the large firing pins which were drawn back and cocked the locks. A gun has been seen with this patent. It was fitted with spring assisted gold plated dummy firing pins set in the carved fences which acted as load indicators and were hidden if there was no cartridge in the breech. The top rib of this gun was engraved "Maleham & Mirfin, Inventors & Patentees, 5 West Bar, Sheffield." so it may be that Thomas Mirfin became a partner and that the firm temporarily changed its name to Maleham & Mirfin.

    In 1877 Arthur Turner (b.1863 in Sheffield) joined the firm as an apprentice.

    This gun is being sold by Pigeon Watch member wabbitbosher. Message them here

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    I'm lucky to own a Maleham, from the "london shop" period, it's a fantastic gun, beautifully made, and 'delicate' while strong at the same time. This is only the second one I've seen in 12 bore, and it must have been very, very important for someone to have it resleeved.

    For information, mine is a bit 'posher' as being an ejector, and come with the original box, however it was valued at >£7k -- so this one is a fantastic gun for the money!

    Blimey, 6 months ago I'd have pounced on it -- but I've just bought 2, and I already imagine the Raised Eyebrow of Doom from Mrs Buze :-)

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