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1 hour ago, Wobbler said:

I’ve been invited to shoot snipe on a SSSI so non toxic is required. I shoot a Miroku MK60 in 20g choked 1/4 and 3/4.

What cartridge would you recommend?

Gamebore Black Gold steel 

Hull Solway clay and game


Fiochi steel 

Remington steel and Saga Steel are some that spring to mind personally if it's purely Snipe I'd go for the Black Gold as they are Clay 7.5 cartridges or the Fiochi in 5's oh these are 20ga Steel loads

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As above any 20bore steel shot clay cart will be more than enough for snipe, they’re tiny little birds that take no killing. Pattern density is what does the job on them I’ve found.  Steel 4s for snipe is very large and more of a size I use for mallard at sensible range. 

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1 hour ago, 8 shot said:

3/4 choke and steel

And the :hmm:is for what reason ?????

Also I've just got in from evening flight having shot 7 Widgeon 2 Mallard and a Triple at Greylag Gun 20ga Choke is between 3/4 an Full cartridges 7/8oz Steel 3's and Steel B'S :yahoo:

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I shot a teal couple seasons ago at longer than I thought and hit it hard it folded up stone dead. Mate picked it as he was on that side of the water with his dog. He said you saw how far you are from where this dropped . As I picked the cart case up it was a 36g 1shot thought it was a three shot I’d loaded in thegun but I was using a full kicks choke at the time so done the job. 

Might not be as many in the pattern but a decent pattern is what counts.

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