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Beretta 682 x trap 12 gauge

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Beretta 682 x trap


12 gauge Shotgun Private Seller
Used - Mint Condition rhondda cynon taff, Rhondda Cynon Taff
Over and Under, -, -, 30" barrels
682_x-trap_(6) 682_x-trap_(9) 682_x-trap_(10)


A while back I took up trap shooting and found my sporter useless so bought this 682. I used it two or thee times and then sent the stock off to stockworks for refinishing. in the mean time my local DTL club closed and the only other club local to me is a bit far to travel and I find the members a bit stuffy so its sat in my safe unused since last summer so I thought I'd make some space and sell it on to someone who's going to use it.

It has Monte Carlo stock and multi choke (extra chokes included) and is really nice condition, particularly the stock which has a high grade walnut and a gloss finish, as mentioned the gun hasn't been used since refinishing so woodwork is perfect

gun is priced to sell at £995 so no offers and is situated in CF39 area of south wales, but I am happy to RFD at buyers cost. last gun I sent cost me £25 so I presume it is still the same but will check if needed

I originally listed this gun as left handed, even though my mate and the guy at my range both tried it and shot it ok right handed, I have just been told that its not a leftie and is ambidextrous... no idea if its right or not but I cant see any obvious cast and as I said others have shot it ok right handed but any inspection is welcome or I can send other photos if needed

This gun is being sold by Pigeon Watch member kiffy. Message them here

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so do I, not really been into clays but tried DTL and loved it but my local ground closed, I don't like the other two that are in the area and my mate isn't shooting at the mo as he's struggling financially so its sat in my safe unused for about two years.. stock was refinished, the action serviced and then its sat... 

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I didn't want to let it go that's why I never really pushed selling it and the wood is gorgeous... couldn't see any of the detail until it was refinished and now it pops, may be a personal thing but he got the colour and gloss finish I wanted.  but its not being used and hasn't since it was done, I don't do sporting, all I do now is hunt and I've my semi auto for that, and if I do fancy sporting ive a 525 that's more suited, but again ive not used that in over a year... my a400 is my goto gun for pretty much everything

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date codes AP which I think is 86 or maybe 87, but I could be wrong :)

stockworks refinished it, don't know what they used, maybe was truoil as I used that on a stock a few years ago and it was a similar finish before I knocked it back to a matt finish. 


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On ‎30‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 22:42, ChrisAsh said:

That wood is to die for, how can you let it go, use it for sporting


I don't shoot sporting either, my shooting is wildfowlng or in a hide and for both I prefer my A400 semi auto, and apart from that I also have a browning 525 sporter I had refinished around the same time and only used once or twice since,  normal grade wood on the 525 but that means I wont be as afraid to mark it


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