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GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

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    One today shot it last Saturday but there was an unusual sound when I hit it. Went for head shot with Air Arms Field ( 16grain) but used to 14.3 grain Accupel / Crossman Premier Magnum Isaw it fall over flat on the ground but by the time I had extracated myself from the holly bush that I was in she had disappeared. I can only assume that I am not used to the extra loopy trajectory of the heavier pellet and had knocked her out momentarily. so today I shot her in the engine room. Ran off and then stopped 12 yds away for ever.




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    It's this time of year I have time to shoot the feeder.

    Set it up 2 days ago and visited it an hour ago.

    Let an enthusiastic friend have a crack.

    2 squiggles in 10 mins. His first greys with an air rifle.

    Happy days.



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