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Swap Rabbit for Pigeon - Essex

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Hi all, 

Recently got back into shooting after having a break for a year or so. Been a member on here for a number of years. I’m just outside Brentwood, Essex and all land is within 5-10 miles. 

I was wondering if anyone would like to swap some pigeon decoying for some rabbit & fox shooting?

I have a couple of perms all equestrian grazing that usually have a lot of rabbits and the odd fox. Not a great deal about the last few weeks but will pick up. 

Unfortunately I don’t have any pigeon shooting and it’s something I would like to do. A lot of the local farmland is syndicated or already spoken for. 

Mostly lamping although evenings can often be quite productive. Happy to man the lamp. 

Land is all cleared for rimfire and centre fire. 

Obviously you would need an open ticket and relevant insurance. 

Usual rules apply, not that I expect any issues as there has always been a good crowd on here. However, I will say all the land is gated access, shooting only when accompanied by myself, landowners are notified by me whenever shooting will be taking place, landowners understand police are to be called if they have not been notified of shooting by myself. 

Give me a PM and we can discuss. 


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Good evening with Evil Elvis tonight, one Charlie and two bunnies down.

Good laugh and plans laid for another trip out soon. 

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