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Benelli nova or supa nova v win sxp

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    12 hours ago, flippermaj said:

    I have a win sxp but fancy trying a benelli nova.

    has any one used both and if so   what’s the feed back  comparing them?


    cheers mark

    I use a 26" barrel SXP personally can't fault it.

    My father has a Benelli Super Nova ( 3.5" chamber ) 24" barrel which i used a lot before i bought the SXP again could not fault it shot good Foreshore Pink's with it . One thing the Nova has is a button on the forend when pressed you can eject the chamber cartridge without picking up one from the Mag eg you can change a cartridge quick.

    For me you would get a better px/resale with the Benelli would i buy one no over priced if you just fancy a change Mark you won't be disappointed :good:

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    If the Nova with it`s non adjustable stock fits you, then get one. If you need the stock adjustment get the Super Nova.

    The Super/Nova is much easier to pump than the SXP, is better built and, in the S/N has the adjustable stock.

    You need to be aware that the Benelli is quite a physically big gun but handles very well for it`s size and weight.

    I would thoroughly recommend it, especially with the 26" barrel. The SXP is made by Hatsan.

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