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Another what 4x4 thread...

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    Keep it quick and simple

    30mile commute daily

    No serious off roading...wet rough tracks, stubble parks etc..


    2004 kia sorento around 60-70k


    2004 jeep grand cherokee around 75-85k


    Will be dressed in a set of all terrain tyres

    Reliability? Any known issues? Comfort isn't a big issue. Don't want to be left at the lights by a mobility scooter but not wanting to keep up with the local power rangers on bikes!



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    Jeeps can be an absolute ball ache to fix and maintain, parts are extortionate. The last 3 ive seen have gone to the scrap with major engine faults and wiring faults that made them not worth repairing 

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    22 hours ago, ferguson_tom said:

    Without doubt the sorento just make sure the rear axle brackets have been inspected and remedial work done if necessary.

    Agreed - a family member had two and found them to be reliable and robust. Anything that comes with that 100k/7 year warranty would have to be.

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