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51 minutes ago, Brixsmaid said:

Does anyone have recommendations for a iPhone walking measuring distance app, when your out shooting, I know I can do a rough measure on google maps, but I rather have it tracking me via an App auto magically.



If you click on Health it will tell you how many steps you have taken.

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I use the health app every day. It’s ok but not massively accurate. The fit bit is supposed to be much more accurate. Flights of stairs are I think counted by measuring elevation over walking distance. So today I’ve apparently travelled up 33 flights of stairs. I haven’t! But I have ridden 4 lots up the gallops this morning which goes up hill. I used to have a pedometer app that was very good because it would track exactly where you’d been and overlay it on a satellite map. Can’t remeber what it was called though. 

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3 hours ago, Brixsmaid said:

I really want to know the mileage as my wives Fitbit tells you distance, calories and so on, but a bit suspect of the accuracy, it tells you how many flights of stairs you’ve climb even when she hasn’t been on stairs?all I want is the miles travelled!!

Then strap it to your dog and say look how busy I've been :whistling:

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