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Todays Roost Shooting

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Who was out today and more importantly how did you get on .

Today was one of the worse , if not the worse first day I have ever had , got there about 1.30 , spent 20minutes putting out a load of decoys and the magnet as I was in a small wood on the edge of a big rape field , walked out several from a pine wood which was on the other side of the field and to cut a long story short nothing came back , as far as I know there were getting towards 30 permits issued for the roost shooting this year and yes there was the odd shot going off in various woods on the estate but no amount of shooting from any one place.

The weather was dead flat calm , in fact one of the pigeons I shot above me was back in my hide before the odd feather had landed on the ground .

So by 4pm and shot only three pigeons there didn't seem any point in sticking it out any longer , if the conditions are better next week it will be one of those rare occasions where the second week could be better than the first .

Hope YOU done better . 

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Hi John, we gave the local woods a go last night , after watching them for a few days, there always seemed to be plenty of birds going in, but when we arrived with guns they completely disappeared, only a few came in when it was almost dark probably disturbed from other woods, we sat it out for a couple of hours, getting about half a dozen shots but ending with 1 pigeon and 1 grey squirrel, frozen cold and a little damp from a shower just before dark. It certainly does not get any better , the last 2 years have been slow to say the least on roost shoots but I don't know if I can be bothered again this year, I think I need the sun on my back .

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 Slightly better this week , plenty of wind to start off with , then the rain started about 2pm , I don't mind getting cold but being wet and cold is not my favourite form of pigeon shooting , so after shooting five I am sorry to say with me being a bit of a wimp, I went back to my motor and finished my coffee off whilst hearing Norwich drawing with Derby , so that was it, as I couldn't see any sense in getting wet for a few more . 

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5 minutes ago, Konnie said:

Had the best afternoon I have had to date 39 picked 37, wind was just in the right direction started at 2.45 done by 5 not counted the empties yet but a good bit of sport.


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