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Cracked it in the Rain

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The week has been fine for shooting and for the third Saturday the forcast has been rain. So we set out at 08.00 and saw a number of pigeons leaving the city roosts out for the rape we hope! No, all the lanes out were lined with birds picking up acorns from the verges, so we hope they have cleared the woods and now having the work the lanes to find the acorns. We went our normal route checking our farms and talking to the farmers and saw small numbers of birds playing " Follow the Leader" that is sitting in tree in the rain , one drops in and they all follow , gas gun fires and they all go into the trees again. We've done it time after time set up one shot and they do not return but go to the next rape field.

So after seventy plus miles we decided to return to our banker rape field which we shot last week, we had to get the key to the gate and as we drove into the farm the yard was empty, called at the house no reply , phoned the farmer skiing in France, drove to his brothers farm , no key. Its in the tractor at the first farm, drove back still deserted tractor in the yard not locked removed required key and drove to the rape field and opened the gate , locking behind us. 

Selected our hide position and carried the gear across the field as there was no wind we set the decoys out in a position so we could shoot safely away from roads and houses. Two on the magnet, two flyers and eight on spikes it was now midday and the birds came straight to the pattern. After an hour the wind got up and was in our faces so the birds came from behind the brolly hide which made testing shootung . At 14.00 had a call can you open the gate to let the farmer in the field, so walked back to the car to get the key and drove to the gate, his son  had come to tidy up the muck pile before he returns on Sunday. So for the next hour he was clanging about with the digger and kept  the birds on the move to us. He left at 15.00 and left the key hidden for us.We have to keep the gate locked as some local " Caravanners " like to park in rural areas!!! We were aware that we had a good number of birds down so we carried on shooting till 16.00 when it stopped and started to collect up. I packed my gear away and took it back to the Disco, DB collected the birds up then went back with his gear as I laid the birds out, on his return we took the picture then packed the birds in to two backpacks walked up the hill to the Disco. 

We ended the day withone hundred and twentyone pigeons and one jackdaw who came to look at us. So we were delighted with the first Ton of 2018.



121 Pigeons and 1 Jackdaw

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Great bag PC, well deserved.

Quite bizarre that pigeons are still finding acorns in February. I heard of a very good bag shot at roost recently and almost all of the bag were stuffed full with Ivy berries!

Hardly stuck for a meal at the moment. 

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I'm always amazed at your successes! The scenario you describe with birds playing follow my leader and then disappearing when the gas gun goes off resonates perfectly with me??

On Saturday me and a pal toured all our rape fields and saw exactly the same thing. Eventually I decided to set up at one particular field where there were a good number of pigeons but......they didn't come back at all so stayed for an hour and a half and went home to watch the rugby. Congratulations on your first 100, I'm still looking for my first 1???

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3 hours ago, Clodhopper said:

Well done on making the magical 3 figures but I cannot help but notice that the ends of your presentation are not quiet parallel. Maybe it was just the excitement  getting better of you.

When your soaking wet, cold and knackered the elation keeps you going but the physical ability starts to wain. You sound like all my school reports " Could do Better" !!!!!!!

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