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Puppy book recommendations

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    Hi all

    We'll be bringing home our first working springer in a few weeks and I'm starting to think about training.

    It's been a good few years since I trained a dog and the first time I've ever trained a gundog so was looking for a decent book on the matter.  There are loads out there, all of them with good reviews and I'm not sure which one to get. Ideally I'd like something that will set up a good foundation for his gundog training when he starts it and uses similar methods regarding reward and discipline. I guess I'm more of a Barbara Woodhouse than a Cesar Millan in my approach to training but happy to adapt to more modern ways if that's the current thinking.

    I'd be grateful for any recommendations you have.


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    "Gundogs their learning chain" by Joe Irving ISBN 0 9506670 1 3 written in 1983 but still very good

    Also "Gundog sense and sensibiliy" by Wilson Stevens published 1982 and deals with how dogs think/react to situations, as much as how they are trained.

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