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    Advice please guys.

    I am employed as a picker up. My employer deducts tax under the paye scheme. Others have said I can recover the cost of vets fees, feed costs and sundry items as expenses. I have just had a letter from hmrc saying I cannot claim these expenses. Has anyone been successful in arguing this point?


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    if your with BASC or the CA you could ask their advice.  if this became a problem for me I would take them on, you are entitled to tax relief on your legitimate work related expenses, edited the rest out because getting very annoyed 

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    Do u have an accountant? or do u work FT too?


    I'm SE anyway so do claim all my vet bills, dog food etc throu as expenses.

    Speaking to an accountant might be the best option, I'm sure I read something about due to the nature of picking up its easier to go SE than it is beating, as ur working under ur own initiatie.

    Was a fairly lengthy thread on here a while back about it all, think it would be in the keepering section thou

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