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Roost shooting - my last day at the pigeons for a while

Big Al

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We don' have pigeon numbers like some of you lads over the water, so this little roost shoot will be my last shot at the pigeons until August. Got a few - missed a few. But that' what roost shooting is all about!

I also brought the apprentice along - Bear the yellow lab. 


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1 hour ago, mossy835 said:

nice video, and good shooting well done.

Thanks mossy.


1 hour ago, Konnie said:

Nice video thanks for posting, 

Solid looking yellow lab.

The lab is about 11 months old. This summer will see a lot of training done!

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2 hours ago, Kraai said:

Nice shooting...  wich rc steel are you using? I use rc steel 32 gr nr 5 for pigeons 

RC Atomic line. I think they are 32g 4s or 5s. I originally bought them as a wildfowl load a few years back but i really only use 3" steel 3s now for ducks.

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19 minutes ago, Cranfield said:

Some good shooting, as usual.

It will be interesting to see how the Apprentice fairs on the wildfowl, if that is your intention.

Thanks Cranfield - I'll be very interested in how that pans out too. He is certainly not afraid of water and swims well. Early indications are satisfactory. 

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22 hours ago, ollie said:

Love a bit of roost shooting, you certainly had a right evening at them. Good luck with bear.


10 hours ago, mossy835 said:

i will be roost shooting well in to march.

Thanks for the comments. I only roost shoot in February.  It is simply as we don't have huge pigeon numbers here - they are pairing up and I'll let them breed. Corvids are a different matter though.


3 hours ago, mrpip said:

Great video again Al, did the pup manage a retrieve or did Ted take charge. 

Thanks - the pup isn' too sure about the feathers yet. He finds the bird but is still a bit reluctant to pick them up. I have pigeon and pheasant wing dummies and he is starting to pick them up so it should come ok. He hunts like a pro and has even flushed birds Ted missed! It'l come. I'm in no hurry and will give him the time he needs.

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