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Rifle choice and 6.5CM vs. 6.5x55 vs. .308

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Hello gents,

I just can't decide which is best for me.  This is for my FAC app which after about 10 years of shooting sports I'm finally getting around to doing.  It seems like unless I want to buy a Euro rifle, the 6.5x55 is out, unless I some how found a new 1994 Remington 700, unlikely.  I've looked around and even say, Tikka, dont produce all models in 6.5x55.  The Creedmoor seems to have been widely accepted very quickly (its young isnt it?) and the 308 well, needs no explaining.

Initially I'd like one rifle to tackle all UK deer species and I know they will all manage if the shooter is good enough, so how do I decide?

I'm concerned the FEO may say no to a .30cal for first grant, for no reason other than it's "bigger"....

Rifle wise, I'd like something fairly light if I'm going to carry it all day.  Lower recoil preferred which is why I liked the 6.5 in the first place.  The last one I shot I could barely feel it.  A shorter configuration may also suit my height better.  Steyr Scout?  I'm not into the full tactical look, but nor am I into the full wood look.  So I'm probably looking at a synthetic stock which would be durable.

Which would you go for?  I'm sure theres a million things I have not considered or seen.



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Cheers guys.  I will check those out.

Of course all of this depends on the FEO.  I've just been informed that to apply for a stalking rifle you now need a written testimonial from someone who can vouch for your experience and safe handling.....in a particular calibre that you have experience of.  An "interesting" interpretation of the law.

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9 minutes ago, fister said:

Im lucky, I get to shoot and test about 50 rifles each year and happen to own the one I like the most and guess what, 6.5x55?

The very limited experience I have with it, I have to say it behaved like a pea shooter at my end, but a bazooka at the target end.  I suppose it must be half decent if it's been around for 100 years!

I think the first time I ever shot the 6.5x55 was with you.  Long time ago now!

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3 minutes ago, fister said:

Forgive me but remind me of your name, im useless?

my first stalking rifle was a Tikka 695 in the calibre and now I use a Mauser M12 Extreme in Swede. I do ise all sorts of other stuff as well but the Mauser Is the ONLY one that never gets it’s scope borrowed or ammo shared?

Martin.  We went a couple of times to paul lane and I'm pretty sure it was your 338 I got to have a bash with also.  It must be, blimey, knocking on 9 years ago.  You were just getting started on the journalism side of things I think.

I remembered because your name on here is, shall we say, memorable. :lol:

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I have both a .308 and a 6.5, and have shot many others including the .270.  I'm with Fister here.  If I now had to choose one cal for all UK deer species it would be 6.5 x 55, or 260 Rem or Creedmoor.  All are good.  The 260 and CM are a bit more efficient that the Swede but CM brass is more expensive (in Lapua anyway).  The 6.5 is often referred to as "the gentleman's calibre" for its soft shooting experience, but it does have several advantages.  The bullets tend to be higher sectional density than the .308 choices, and penetration is better on larger beasties, especially if a good lockbase, accubond or similar hunting bullet is used.  At distance, the better ballistic coefficients come into their own and they tend to buck the wind a little better than the 308 too if driven at similar velocities.

I also liked the one or two .270's that I shot which properly moderated didn't kick any worse than the .308

Any would do the job well, so it boils down to picking the rifle that suits you.  T3's are available in Creedmoor, 260 Rem and 6.5 x 55.  My personal take on weight is that you can go too light, and this doesn't help hold a steady aim if after a tough stalk the adrenaline is up especially.  I like a stalking rifle to weight between 7.5 to 9.5lbs all up.  Any lighter is too light imho, and any heavier can be a chore.  Saying that, my own stalking outfit is 12lbs all up but I'm a glutton for punishment!  I'm sure that you'll enjoy whatever you buy.  Buy wisely, buy once and stick with it.

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