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Highlands shoot

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    Hi All

    New on here. Seems like a really good forum.

    I am up in the highlands for a short break on 19th 20th March. Staying at Shieldaig near gairloch/torridon just before ullapool. Wouldn't mind attending a local shoot but struggling to find anywhere. I know its a long shot but does anyone know or had experience of shoots up there. Dying to try my new Beretta 692 as I've had it for a few months now and getting use to it from a browning.

    Any comment would be appreciated.


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    The next shoot on my calendar is a DTL shoot hosted by Glenelg and Arnisdale Gun Club at Arnisdale on Saturday the 7th of April. You'll likely be away by then, but if not it's an hour and 20mins or so from Shieldaig, it isn't a great distance but the roads aren't conducive to rapid progress, it would be a nice trip to one of the more out of the way west highland hamlets.

    Here's Glenelg & Arnisdale Gun Club's Facebook page


    The nearest shoot to Shieldaig is Achnasheen & Strathvaich Gun Club, held in the village of Achnasheen, depending on the route you take to Shieldaig? there's a possibility you'd drive through it. There's nothing on their Facebook page but if you are on Facebook you could message them, and they'll get back to you, you could also ask about other local (highland) shoots, all these guys are in the know.    


    and Inverinate Gun Club, roughly half way, time wise, between Arnisdale & Shieldaig


    Their next shoot is 26th of May. 

    It's also worth asking about practice shoots, as any of them may be having a practice whilst you're up this way.

    A little further, but on better roads and a better bet is Glenmoriston Shooting Ground, just outside Inver Moriston on Loch Ness:


    Calendar here https://glenmoristonshootingground.com/calendar/

    They've a 100 DTL shoot on the 24th ;) contact through their website for e-mail or phone. 

    You'd comfortably drive that in under 2 hours, it's 45mins for me and I'm more or less on the road from Shieldaig, which is around an hour.

    I'm not that involved with local DTL shoots, so I'm not that keyed in to the wider local scene, but do contact these guys and do ask as there's quite a bit of it around, a very low population density means these events tend to be spread thinly over the year but there being quite a few venues theres usually 's a chance there'll be something on on any given month. 

    I'm keener on sporting shoots and for that I travel south, usually combining my trips with work trips to spread the cost and the justify the driving. There is a wee sporting layout at the Glen Moriston ground but I haven't tried it yet.... 


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    There is a small group that meets at Melon Charles, sort of DTL with a hand trap, usually on an evening (midgies permitting LOL) if you are interested I can try & dig up contact info - good craic with Locals

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    There won't be any midges for a while yet, I, ever the optimist, am hoping the beast has put them back to June, as was the case in 2010.   

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