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  Has anybody else noticed how many mole hills seem to be appearing this year, or is it just me not noticed it before. I will try and put some picks up but if you can imagine the fields at the somme you will get the idea.  Is there any mole catchers left? I doubt it as there will be no money in these days. May be i need to talk to ditchy about some traps or something?

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I taught myself when I became fed up with the prices charged by a professional mole catcher, who cleared out one or two but left dozens more in the paddocks just outside our garden, queuing up to get in. I took the fight to them, with permission from the owner. Got quite good at it, to my surprise. You need some Duffus traps (watch your fingers - the springs are deadly and very strong) and a metal probe with a sharpened weight piece at the end to locate the runs. Hint: the runs do not usually go directly from molehill to molehill as these are at the end of side turnings from the main runs, though not far off. I don't like killing one of God's creatures but moles can easily get out of control.

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4 hours ago, kenholland said:

they make the best top soil for your garden ever , but they do need controlling .

I used to use the soil from a Mole hill to grow my tomatoes , an old boy once told , you don't get any weeds from the soil from a Mole hill , how right this is ? I don't know but someone on here will sure to let us know if it is right or not .

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