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Do not put a ram into an omega. I did and it ruined my gun .it is not a drop in kit and i would never use one again..the use of rams was a fad 20 years ago and should not be put in any other gun than the theobens they were designed for

For the omega you take out the spring, then remove the metal rod which was acting as a guide for the spring from the trigger section, you then cut back the rod - which was about 5 inches and just leave 2 mm, you then slide the gas ram into the cylinder and refit the trigger section, the end of the gas ram then sits inside the 2mm of rod which is left 

The gun will then be unuable .not as accurate and you willl need to scrap it ..the tenson of loading is rediculas and when it fires the forward motion jerks the gun .before the pellet leaves the barrel making it unacurate.

You are better off fitting a V-mach tuning kit..which was designed for the omega and will smooth it and shoot with little lock time and cock smoothly

Leave the ram well alone

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??... I had a theoben fenman and that recoiled worse then any top range springer, only gas ram gun I shot that was any good was a Hw90 because of its weight it was wonderful to shoot accurately. I have shot several Lightnings and gamo guns with gas ram fitted and they were all worse for having the springs replaced 

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