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8 hours ago, atyl1972 said:

The only thing stopped me going for the s510 us, was the 60+ shot count, now users do say it is closer to 70, however. Also been looking at the really cool looking s510 tdr, what a cool looking gun. 


Air Arms are quoting this gun to 40 shots per fill in .22 and .177, watch this review and this guys has achieved over 80, how can AA oversee the amount like that?

2 hours ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

hello, that is why i said get a BSA R10  MK 1 or MK 2 CAN GET S/H FROM £500 to new around £650 £700 / 180 plus shots per fill 

I guess id be worried if anything went wrong as both those versions had their issues, at least with a new gun I get a lifetime warranty and parts and about totally free as well if anything does go wrong. 

2 hours ago, Dasher said:

I've an R10 Mk1 that is completely original i.e. not "worked on", I've had it from new and never had a problem with it. What location are you?


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2 hours ago, Dasher said:

I've an R10 Mk1 that is completely original i.e. not "worked on", I've had it from new and never had a problem with it. What location are you?

I nearly went for the firefly version of the newer r-10 se, very nice to shoot too, I shot both that and a ultimate sporter. really like the S510 TDR

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The problem is most guns including new do improve with a fettle from someone that knows what they are doing, the manufacturers have quality controls in place but it is a degree of tolerances which is covers the whole gun range rather than focusing on making each individual gun as good as it can be. BSA, Air Arms etc. will never set a gun up as well as an airgun tuner for various reasons , however any form of fettling will void any warranty which defeats  the point of buying a new gun for me. I have heard of people returning new guns under warranty because they couldn't get groupings better than 1" at 25m only for said company to say that 1" at 25m was acceptable!! 

If you fancy a BSA R10 mk1  .177  in excellent condition with a Hawke Night Eye 3-10 x44 for £500 then give me a shout.



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On 05/04/2018 at 16:50, oowee said:

Just read all of this and feeling a little inferior now with my two daystates 

I thought they were ok till now. 

Good luck with the new gun.

On that not today I tried a huntsman regal having never liked the traditional beech or walnut stocks, I absolutely loved the gun, light easy to shoot and very accurate, also tried out the Air Arms S510 TDR, very nice and very unique being able to "together" the gun before you shoot, both really nice guns.

On 05/04/2018 at 17:24, oowee said:

FAC air ranger 40fpe (22) and a sub 12 huntsman (177). The sub 12 for around buildings and in barns the fac for everything else (if i have sticks to shoot off). 

shot the regal today, well yesterday now, and fell in love with it, I'm waiting for the Crown another 2 weeks and the guys at local club are great in letting me shoot some of their different guns but I cant wait that long tbh, may pull the trigger on the regal or s510 tdr to keep me going:)

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On 05/04/2018 at 17:59, Newbie to this said:

Enjoy your purchase, I'd also be interested in how it performs. Some pictures and some shooting videos wouldn't go a miss either :good: I'd like to see it in action.

I only have 1 air rifle an AA S410 .22 sub 12flb.

I have 2 air pistols (thinking of making it 3) we shoot practical air pistol at my club.

I have various rimfire and fullbore:good: (not sure where this will stop):lol:

Shot the AA s510 tdr yesterday and absolutely loved the gun, surprisingly the stock too, and that mag is great to use too, probably better than any other mag I have certainly used imho

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