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Refresh old decs

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2 hours ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

How many did you leave, I only took 5....................................................:whistling:

there was a whole sack full...i had bought some and had been given some...always used to put 20 or so out..........

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3 hours ago, ditchman said:

i painted stockings and suspenders on mine........works a treat..

Is that normal for Norfolk ? , if you had got reported , would you have got a suspended sentence :hmm:

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5 hours ago, JDog said:

martinj, your reply was in the right spirit.

When I first started decoying pigeons I used short lengths of grey guttering with pigeon wings stuck on. They seemed to work.

The decoys in the photo must be getting on for forty years old and they have never been tarted up. They also attract the odd pigeon.



My one might be slightly older than your ones Mr JDog , made of nearly solid rubber and fairly heavy , I would have thought made in the late 60s or early 70s ?




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