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Fishing rod Clear-out

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Hi Guys, I am still working through my late mothers bits and I have got some more fishing equipment to sell.


Mum used to get given a lot of equipment to test for people prior to going into production so most of it, whilst old, is very high quality.


Rod 1 Hand made 4 piece 9'3 Carbon Bruce and Walker Travel Pike rod.  This has been used twice and is in A1 condition:



Rod 2

Hand made 'Willis Tackle' 11' 1 1/4 test curve Carp rod



Rod 3

Daiwa Sensor Carbon Composite Match D.X 11ft 



Rod 4
Daiwa Lightening LCM-12 Natch Rod 12ft
- Sold to Road Runner



Rod 5
Kingfisher Quiver 10ft Carbon composite

This is a lovely looking rod!!




Rod 6
Carp pole 4.5m Cheap kids rod?



Rod 7
Delta 5m telescopic Rod




Rod 8
7 1/2ft 2 pieve telescopic net handle




Rod 9
Multiple rod rests - Alloy / telescopic

£5 each?


Rod 10
Carp sack - Brand new



Rod 11
Net handle 6ft



If I am out with prices please just let me know!  There is also a faded rod bag.  In an ideal world I would like these to all go to a good home, perhaps someone starting out?

I would be happy to discuss a price for all of the equipment, rods can be collected from St Neots or Farnborough or I will post at cost :)


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Hi interested in the kingfisher quiver but cannot see a price 

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2 minutes ago, hoogs said:

Hi interested in the kingfisher quiver but cannot see a price 

Good spot, £35 for picking up my mistake?

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OK so I have just received this from my father........


Dear Steve

Hello again and good afternoon to you.

Thank you for your enquiry via our website and for sending your photographs.


Yes that is a rod we recognise and in terms of value, if we were to make the modern equivalent today, it would be in the region of £650 - £700.  So, if you are keeping it, you need to be aware of that for insurance purposes.


In terms of second hand value for that rod, that is entirely a different matter.  As with all things, it’s whatever the buyer is willing to pay.  In a buoyant market, it would be disappointing not to achieve a true value of £250 - £300.  However,  in the current climate, I suspect you would not achieve a fraction of that cost.  Sadly,  it is not a buoyant market, and has not been since the economic downturn in 2008.  Back then, you could have named your price.  But, as with all things, since 2008, life is very different, and it is now a buyer’s market in the second hand tackle world.  Our advice to anyone with second hand tackle, especially something like this, is, if you can afford to do so, put it to one side and forget about it, until the market becomes a little more buoyant.  We hope, in the not too distant future.


I realise this is not the answer you were hoping for, and I am sorry about that.  But it is an honest answer and as such, I hope it is appreciated.

Kind regards



Bruce & Walker Ltd

High Street, Upwood,

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE26 2QE

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16 minutes ago, shaun4860 said:

Can you either remove rod one or state a price


Done apologies. 

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1 minute ago, biketestace said:

Shame i didnt get the carp rod ?


I did PM you regarding it, he wanted them all as a job lot I’m afriad and paid full asking price. 

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Would you be open to offers on the pike rod. Pm me if you are


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