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7 hours ago, Farmboy91 said:

Left to right, 

Modern RWS 9mm, 36mm

Modern - ish Fiocchi 9mm, 34mm

Last two are stamped with the E headstamp measure 43mm 


Thanks for taking the time to do this, looks like the older ones are actually longer! I wonder if these previously came in different lengths for different charges. Or if solid projectile ammo was more common?  As in attached picture I used my 9mm for the first time the other day and cases looked like they were significantly over-pressure once fired. Had to extract with pliers each time so only fired a few shots. It seems to have expanded to fit until the end where it's formed a neck. Before firing looked exactly like the example on far left of your image. Wondering what the issue is... 


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No problem, I found 4 of the older style paper ones and they were all the same length. 

I thinking the same as London Best, pretty sure they whole paper part went along with the shot on the older one's, so im guessing it wouldn't matter if they were a bit longer. 

I wouldn't gave thought there was enough oomph in one to do any sort of damage, I'm sure someone on here will be able to give a definite answer though. 

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29 minutes ago, London Best said:

Only got a few. Made the mistake of giving a collection away and starting again. Only do it casually, not mega seriously.




Thanks for sharing. 

All mine bar about half a dozen live in plastic storage boxes at the minute because I haven't got anywhere for them. 

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 I bought a box of eley gastight about 20yrs ago at the midland game fair in the antique tent for £10 ! 19yrs later they where still only worth £10 so when I was up the Brae last year I used em on the ducks coming in to the stubles and they worked great !  

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I used to buy Red Rivals and Blue Rivals in the ‘60’s.   I can’t remember where, but it would be in Derby somewhere. I think it may have been from the old-fashioned ironmongers, Wallace’s.

There used to be an impressive confetti storm when you fired one!

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