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Wildcat MKII Incoming


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Hey guys, quick update on my perilous journey into buying my first Air gun, basically was waiting for an FX Crown, viewed back and reflected on what a lot of you Gus said, especially from a few of you guys (you know who you are) and as ASI were being a massive pain over the crown especially I've decided on a Wildcat MKII in .177, synthetic stock and buying very local to me as well, I'm adding an Optisan 3-12x44 scope and cannot be happier.  If anyone knows whats best to add a sling/bipod then please let me know, was thinking of adding a pic rail, or may just opt for the single swivel stud for bipod and attach a sling to that when out in the field, got a perm set up as well in a few weeks after several tins of pellets used on the range, I've got a tin of JSB test tin, has anyone had experience with the smooth twist barrel and what it prefers? ?

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