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Pheasant disease

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Good Morning 

With the imminent arrival of our poults I was hoping that some of you knowledgeable keepers could help me with what kind of medication I should have on stand by in case on a disease outbreak!

In previous years we have had issues and by the time we managed to source medication it was a little late would like to have it ready just in case. 

I appreciate every disease needs treated different but just some the common diseases would help. 

Last year we used chlorsol 50 

Thanks PTK

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None apart from some treatment for gape worm, I now get some of my pellets treated with flubenvet


What you do need is the number of a vet specialising in game or poultry, if and when they start to look under the weather conatct the vet. Better having appropriate treatment straight away than using trial and error whilst all the time losing birds. A lot of ailments look very similar and can only be really acccuratle diagnosed by post mortem.

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Coccidiosis or Coxy is one that the birds can go down with due to stress. You might find that who ever your getting your birds from may of already treated them with Baycox which works very well on this.

As mentioned above find a local vet. We are very lucky and our vet acts very quickly is there is a problem.

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Quill tonic i have read and heard is great. I have purchased a bottle but have just had to put some of my birds on Baycox for Coxy they are 3 weeks old and just had bits fitted. So will wait until they are sorted before I try the tonic. I work on the theory that if it has any benefit it is worth it.

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i have used it for a while now,  another keeper on a shoot near mine told me about it. Don’t know if I have just been lucky but I have had nice healthy birds since and this and the quill boost tunic in the water works well. As well as poults I have 500 ex-layers too, sometimes they come a bit worse for well but using both certainly gets and keeps them healthy .

Game master also do a good Game Bird Tonic



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If you have a history of diseases and are using the same pens again it is worth talking to your vet and getting in some of the appropiate medicines for them . I have just had a meeting with ours and got what we need as we always get problems and cant move the pen so he has agreed that prevention is a wise move and I will treat them after 10 days of arrival.


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13 hours ago, Parttimekeeper said:

Ok thanks 

what about some of these additives added to drinking water from quill etc? 

Are they worth the money ?


Yes, the organic acids which lower water ph to 4 and include amino acids and chelates minerals are definitely worth administering correctly.

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